Because everyone likes a little something for free…

Here I sit… trying to figure out what my first blog post should be about. My three year old is in the room with me, and as I sit here staring at her (because I’m at a loss for what to write), I am struck by what an amazing journey being her mother has been so far. Why you ask? Because I’ve simply taken the time to ENJOY her. That’s it and that’s all.

Let me begin by saying that I am 38. I had Luna (my fourth child) when I was 35. My first three incredible children were all born by the time I was 23. I feel that I missed their precious first few years in the haze of having three babies so close together. Also, I was young. I was worried what my home looked like, what people may think if toys were strewn about or the dishes left undone. I was trying so hard to be the “perfect” mom and to do everything right that I didn’t slow down and APPRECIATE each moment with them when they were young. Those three babies are all grown now, they are teenagers and young adults with their own lives, I am so proud of the people they are and I am honored to be their mother. Deep down though, I wish I could go back and just hold them while they sleep. I would like to have kept them in my bed as long as they wanted to be there, or to let them breastfeed a little longer than I did… but, since there is only forward motion in life, that is not a reality. 

I am lucky enough that I have gotten to do it all over again by having another baby later in life. The cool thing is that THIS time I am doing it my way. Because honestly, I just don’t give a F%&# what other people think about my parenting. So, here is my advice to all you mothers out there: slow down. Don’t rush your kids to grow up, I promise they will all too soon. Don’t take them out of your bed, they will eventually leave on their own. Don’t wean them until you and your child are good and ready to, I’ve yet to see a teenager on his/her mother’s breast. 

This photo is of me breastfeeding Luna. I am so glad I took this image. I don’t have photos like this of me with Josiah, Elijah Boone, or Eliana (those are my big kids in case you didn’t figure that out). I think every mother should have one beautiful photo of her breastfeeding her baby (or bottle feeding) it is the time when you are closest, and it is fleeting. 

In the spirit of celebrating motherhood, I am going to offer you something FREE. Yes, that’s right. Free. I will take a series of photos of you feeding your baby/child (via breast or bottle) and I will give you a gorgeous photo. What’s the catch you say? There isn’t one. I just want you to have an awesome photo chronicling this special time (and I also want to be able to have an amazing blog post full of images of boobies and babies). 

If this interests you please send me an email and we will schedule your session: 

Blessings and Love to you all,


p.s. This offer will end at some point… maybe in like 6 months. I’ll let you know.

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